How to find a list of my neighbours

Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Find a list of your neighbours by using Google Maps ( Point to each house on your street to get the address and then use a website with reverse address lookup capability to get names. If you want cut out Google Maps and simplify your search, search for your neighbours by doing a street search.

Navigate to the White Pages website ( Enter the city and state in the box on the right side of the screen. In the box on the left side, enter your street name. For instance, if you live at 434 Center Avenue, enter "Center Avenue."

Click "Find." The next page displays a list of people who live on your street. The list starts at the lowest number address and works upwards to the highest number address. For instance, if 102 Center Avenue is the first house number on this street, it is the entry on the list. If 4500 Center Avenue is the last house number on the street, it appears on the very last page of the list.

Move through the list until you find your name. Once you find your name, check the entries before and after your name to get your neighbours' names. Click on a person's name, and their address, phone number and other people residing in the home are all revealed.

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