How do I find someone's age & address?

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There are many resources for finding someone's address. A simple look in the phone book might be all it takes. But finding someone's age is another matter. Not everyone wants the world to know how old he or she is. However, there are a few online sites where you can research a person's age and, with a bit of luck, even find an exact date of birth.

Search for the name at the "Birthdays" page of This well-known genealogy site provides a simple interface for access to dozens of very large databases with family history information. Enter a first and last name in the respective fields. There is a good chance of finding a birthday through a "Birthdays" search.

Search the name at This commercial people-search service will return the person's city and age at no charge. There is a fee for accessing the full record, which includes an address and date of birth.

Search at social network sites. People often post their birthdays and locations on their personal pages at sites like or Use the search feature at these sites to look for the name of the person. If they have a page, check their "Profile" for age and location details.

Ask a librarian. Libraries often have access to ReferenceUSA, a database with more than 200 million records of people across the United States. This is a powerful tool for address information, but the database does not include age.

Check the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). For people who have died, SSDI provides details of their age and location, along with other facts such as their Social Security number.

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