How to find people using maiden names

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Finding old friends and loved ones in the past wasn't an easy task. Women are often more difficult to find because they typically take their husbands' last names when they marry. But thanks to modern technology, finding an old friend or acquaintance in today's world is easier than it has ever been.

Even if you haven't seen or heard from someone in decades and only know her maiden name, you should have a successful search.

Contact the person's family members and old friends by phone. Often, a person's parents--or at least one family member--still live in the town in which the person grew up. The Internet offers many directories, such as, which can help with your search.

Call her alma mater, if you know where your friend went to high school or college. Schools often have up-to-date alumni information on record for reunions and other events. Ask school personnel to give you her contact information.

Browse the Internet for people search engines dedicated to finding old friends, including, and Many of these websites are free and only require you to register for use of the site. Begin your search by entering her maiden name and any other information you may have, such as the school she attended or her birthday.

Search social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. These sites allow women to list both their maiden and married names on their profiles.

Check public records. Marriages certificates list a woman's maiden name and provide her husband's name, making it easier for you to track down a phone listing.

Conduct a public records search via the Internet. Many sites will conduct this search for you, but most will cost you at least £16. These searches are thorough and include Social Security documents, criminal and military records, and many other records that could help you in your search.