How to trace a UK phone number

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There can be many reasons for tracing a phone number. You could be receiving annoying phone calls from an unknown caller and would like to identify the person. Alternatively, you could also be looking to get in touch with an old client but would only have a phone number to go about with. No matter what the reason for tracing phone number in the UK, there are several methods of achieving this objective.

Write down the UK phone number that you want to trace. Make sure you provide the 3-digit area code; otherwise, the search will be invalid. You may need to enter the country code, which is +44 for the UK on some search databases.

Perform a free reverse phone number lookup by clicking the Free Reverse Phone Book Lookups link in Resources. This service that lets you search information using phone numbers in the UK If the phone number cannot traced from these directories, go to Step 3.

Go to the UK Phone Number Database Hub (link in Resources). This is a paid telephone directory that allows you to trace people through reverse phone number lookup. When you open the page, you will see an empty field that says "Phone number." Enter the number along with the area code. Use spaces for separating the area code from the phone number. Click "Submit." If the database contains this number, it will show you "Available." Now check the box next to "I agree to the Terms and Conditions," and click the button "Access Phone Number Database." You will then be asked for a small fee for your membership, after which the results are shown.

Use the UK Telephone Code Locator (link in Resources). On this website, you can enter a telephone number, ae of a location or exchange names. The search results will show you the area of the phone number, its map location, British Telecom charge information, and exchange names nearby. Using the code and map location, you can further investigate the person.

Use the contact information obtained by the UK Telephone Code Locator in the British Telecom Phone Book (see Resources). Enter the postcode along with the location, and you will see a number of results that should include information you're trying to trace as well.

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