How to Find Someone's House Number

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While cell phones become more popular every year, home, landline phones are still a reliable way of contacting people.

Not only are home phones more dependable than cell phones, as you don't need to worry about the battery dying or losing the signal, but finding someone's home phone number is much easier than finding a cell phone number. There are several ways to find someone's home phone number. The only information you need is their first and last name as well as their postcode.

Check the phone book. The local white pages in the phonebook is the best way to find someone's landline phone number. The phone book is delivered to your house through the mail once a year free of charge. If you don't have one, visit your local post office or library.

Use an online phone number directory., and give free access to telephone numbers when you supply the person's first name, last name and postcode.

Use a people search website. Sites like, and compile public information about people from various Internet sources. Often this includes people's home phone numbers.

Type the name into a search engine. If someone has their phone number posted on a website, a general search engine query might be enough to find it. Type the person's name in quotation marks to search for their name as a phrase rather than two separate words.

Check a social media site. If you are friends with the person on a site such as or, see if their phone number is listed on their profile in the "info" section.