How to trace a phone number in the United Kingdom

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When you frequently start receiving prank calls, you may feel the need to trace the person making these calls. Tracing a phone number is also known as phone reverse lookup. Thanks to modern technology, you can easily trace any phone number in the United Kingdom. There are companies dedicated to finding the origins of just about any phone call. Unlike the United States, most such companies in the UK charge you a fee for tracing phone numbers.

Write down the phone number you want to trace, including the three-digit area code.

Perform a reverse phone number lookup (go to: When the page opens, you will see a field for the phone number. Enter the phone number with the area code. Make sure you separate the area code from the number by using spaces. Click "Submit." The website will process the information and show your desired results.

Click the link to Telephone Code Locator in Resources below. Enter the telephone number of the person. The search results will show the area and map location of the phone number. It may also provide additional information, such as nearby exchange names.

Click the link to British Telecom Phone Book in Resources below. Using the information you obtained from the UK Telephone Code Locator, find the person on this phone book. Enter the location along with the postcode. The website will return a couple of results, which most likely will include the person you want to trace.

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