How to find someone without paying money

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With modern technological advances, it has become relatively easy to find a person without paying money. Whether you have lost contact with an old friend or classmate, are trying to find a relative, or wish to find an acquaintance, it typically takes only a few minutes to find nearly anyone. Online searches are the most effective ways to find people, as they collect information from a variety of databases and often provide information to the public at no charge.

Search online directories., Yahoo People Search ( and are all free services with large white page databases. Visit any of these sites, click the 'People Search' option, and enter as much information as you know about the person. All searches allow you to enter as little as a last name or more detailed information, such as first name, city and state to narrow your search results.

Search online social networks such as and to perform a "Find Friends" search. They give you the option to search for people by name, e-mail address or screenname. Simply log onto either website, then click the "Find Friends" tab at the top of the page.

Contact old classmates, friends or relatives of the person you are looking for. These people will often still have contact with the person or may be able to provide some assistance on how to locate the person you are looking for.

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