How to Find an Address of Someone Living in the UK

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The Internet is full of resources to find a person's address in the U.K. There have always been public records offices that detail specific information about an individual. However, the onset of data sites and social networking has made it even easier to find people. Though people in the U.K.

can choose to hide their personal information under the Data Protection Act, in general, most information, including address details, is relatively easy to locate.

Look for the individual's name on Facebook, Myspace, Friends Reunited and Twitter. People often post personal information on these websites. Find their profile and look for a street address or at least an area in which the person is living.

Go to the U.K. roll site (see Resources). This site is linked to the electoral register where people usually register as living at an address. People need to register on the electoral role to get credit, vote in a general election and pay the proper taxes.

Search for a person, address, phone number or postcode using the 192 directory (see Resources). Log on to the 192 directory website. Use whatever information you have to find an address for an individual. The listings and information are generally quite extensive.

Go to the BT website (see Resources). Scroll down to find the "Phone book". Write the person's name in the "Residential name" column. If you have found the town or city in which they live (from the one of the three previous steps), type it in the "Location box" and click "Search". Examine the list and narrow down the search by looking for the person's initial. You may get an address and phone number.

Visit to find an address, if you already have partial details. Use this website if you don't have the person's street address but you have a house number, a house name or a postcode. Click on the "Postcode/Address Finder" at the top of the page. Fill out the "Building Name", "Building Number" and "Post Code". The search will bring up a precise street address for that postcode.