How to Find Out Where People Are Buried for Free

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Finding out where people are buried can seem difficult, especially when you're doing it for free. You can spend money on a private investigator, but with online access to public records, death records and lists of cemeteries, it may not be as hard as you expect.

Your search becomes even easier if you know someone who was acquainted with the deceased person.

Collect all of the information you know about the deceased person. The more information you know about him or her, the easier the information you will be able to find for free. Try to find out his or her name, including maiden and married names if she's a woman. Also, it is helpful to know where the person lived and died, and even a birthday and date of death, if possible.

Talk to friends or family of the deceased person you wish to find. One of the easiest ways to find out information is to just ask someone who knew the person. They may be able to tell you what cemetery the person is buried in, where in the cemetery, and other useful information.

Search online databases for death records. ou can check with Archives: Death Records or even the Free Public Records Search Directory. If the deceased person's death record is public and you know his or her name, you can find the person this way.

Check with Find a Grave. There, you can search from a database of approximately 54 million grave records or search for a cemetery.