How to find someone's birthday on the internet

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Did you forget someone's birthday? It happens to all of us. If you need to find someone's birthday--and you don't want anyone to know you forgot the date--you can turn to the internet. In most cases, you can find a birth date with just a few keystrokes.

Conduct a search at Birth Database (see Resources) by entering the first name, last name and estimated age of the individual. If the name is in the database, it will pop up in the search.

Another way to find someone's birthday is to locate the individual's MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networking profile and see if the birthday is listed there.

Conduct a public records search (see Resources). While the sites let you know what information they have on people at no cost, you'll be required to pay to view that information.

If you're really desperate to find someone's birthday you can search newspaper birth announcements, if you know the city and approximate date of their birth.

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