How to lift breasts with duct tape

Surgery isn’t the only route to breast enhancement. If you want to wear that low cut top, but are worried about it being unflattering to your breasts, clever use of duct tape can perk your breasts up and even remove the need to wear a bra. You can use duct tape to give yourself a temporary breast lift or to simply ensure your breasts stay in position while wearing an unsupportive outfit.

Wipe your breasts with a washcloth to get rid of any fibres from your bra or clothing. This makes it easier to apply the tape.

Cut five pieces of duct tape and attach them a clean surface, such as your dressing table, so you can pick them up with one hand. The size of your breasts and the amount of lift required will determine the length of the duct tape. You may need to experiment with different lengths to get the desired results. Four pieces should be equal, while the fifth should be slightly longer, as it needs to traverse both breasts at the bottom. Put the longest piece of tape furthest away from you so you don’t get it mixed up with the others. If necessary, move your mirror so you can see what you’re doing while standing sufficiently close to where you’ve put the duct tape.

Push your left gently upward with your right hand. Take the first piece of tape with your left hand attach one end to the skin just beneath your armpit. Pull the tape so it is wrinkle free and fully extended. Affix the other end to the skin just to the side of your left breast, near the bottom.

Take the second piece of tape and attach it an approximate 75 degree angle to the first piece, to create a rough L shape. Run your fingers across the tape to smooth it out. This L shaped combination of tape will give your breast a lift. To increase the lift, use shorter tape and push your breast higher before attaching.

Repeat this process on the opposite breast. Make sure you use equal pressure when lifting the breast so they’re not lopsided.

Take the longest piece of tape and attach it horizontally, underneath your breasts. This pushes both breasts up slightly, enhancing your cleavage. View your breasts in the mirror and if necessary, make adjustments to the placement of the tape. If you don’t get the desire results, use shorter tape to increase the amount of lift and longer tape to reduce it.


Use baby oil when removing the tape to reduce discomfort.

Things You'll Need

  • Washcloth
  • Light coloured duct tape
  • Scissors
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