Hairstyles for teenagers & men

Updated November 21, 2016

Modern haircutting trends have created many options for men and teenage boys. A classic men's haircut never goes out of style and is easy to maintain. The faux-hawk is versatile, offering conservative and liberal styling options. Texturised, shaggy hairstyles are increasingly popular with teenage boys. Fades are intricate haircuts that must be trimmed every two weeks. Military-inspired hairstyles such as the flat-top are an excellent choice for the summertime. When choosing a teenager's or men's hairstyle, natural wave pattern and texture must be considered.

Classic Men's Hairstyle

The classic men's haircut is cut short with clippers around the back and sides. The top of the hair is left longer, cut with shears, and blended into the back and sides. This hairstyle is most flattering on men with thinning hair and business professionals. Teenagers can benefit from this haircut because of it's easy maintenance. The longer length of hair can be spiked with gel, or smoothed back with pomade. The classic hairstyle can also mask whorls and cowlicks.

The Faux Hawk

A faux-hawk is a modern twist on the classic men's hairstyle. The hair is cut with the clippers at the nape and sides, but the top is slightly longer on the top middle section. The hair on top is commonly cut with texturising shears to create pointy ends. The hair can be styled to look like a mohawk, or slicked back for a more conservative appearance. Slices of colour can be hidden in the longer length of hair, accentuating the mohawk, or hidden when slicked back.


The shag haircut was made famous by the rock group The Beatles in the 1960s. In a shag, the hair is longer and looks overgrown. Modern shags are cut with a razor to create a shattered effect. Different variations of the shag include the sleek long-banged emo version, the wavy version and the messy version which requires little-to-no maintenance. The sleek version is achieved through use of wax, hairspray and a flat iron. Long wavy shags are an excellent choice for men or teens with unruly curls. This type of hairstyle is supposed to look messy, therefore does not require brushing.


The fade hairstyle was made popular by barbers. It requires trimming every two weeks. The fade is similar to the classic cut because it is shaved in the back and sides, and longer on the top. What makes a fade different is that around the hairline, neck and ears, clippers are used to cut a shorter length which blends flawlessly into the back and sides. Words and designs may be carved into a fade using smaller trimmers and edgers. The fade hairstyle has closer details and requires an expert barber or hairstylist.

Military Hairstyles

The flat-top is a military inspired hairstyle. It resembles the classic cut, but showcases extremely square, masculine lines. The hair is often closely shaved at the nape, and only a half-inch to 1-inch long on the top. The hair is extremely flat on top and requires no styling. This haircut is an excellent choice for hot weather. This haircut requires a trim every two weeks. The crew cut is another military haircut; the hair is cut short with clippers and is the same length around the entire head.

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