Ouch! Oh what is that? We heard sensation, I've never had anything like this before. Oh God, that really hurts! You're watching this because you're wondering what Hernia is? I don't actually have a Hernia. My name is Dr. Savage and I'm here to describe what that is. Hernias can happen in a multi, in a number of different places. Most commonly in the groin area or in the belly button area. Also, if you've ever had surgery, there could be weaknesses in the abdominal cavity where they can poke out. Regardless of where it is, typically what will happen is one of two things; you'll either have a severe type of pain. It's, you probably want to lie on your side or lean forward or nothing you do actually makes it feel better and localize to one spot. It doesn't always have to be a large bump there, it's actually the small of the Hernia, the more potentially dangerous it is. Reason being, what happens is a piece of your bowels, usually the small intestine or the protective layer around it pokes out through the abdominal cavity. This is dangerous because that is living tissue in your body and that piece of tissue needs blood to survive. And when it pokes through that small opening, the blood supply's cut off. With the cut off, then the tissue may start to die, inflammation may set in and hence, sever pain. That is extremely dangerous. If you think that's happening, seek medical attention right away. The other way that a Hernia can happen is if you have a larger opening and a larger piece of bowel pokes through. When that happens, less commonly, the blood supply's cut off. Let's say it's not possible, but you'll notice a mess, it might not be painful. In that situation, you are at risk for having what's called strangulation of the bowels. And you should seek a surgeon to evaluate for having that repaired. I hope this helpful. I'm Dr. Savage. I wish you the best of health.