Bowl Hairstyles

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The bowl haircut has survived for several decades and is either loved or hated. Sometimes referred to as a mushroom cut or beach cut, the bowl hairstyle gets its name from its appearance, typically looking like a bowl has been placed on the head and cut around.

Traditional bowl haircuts usually hang just below the ear lobes and are blunt cut. However, modern bowl cuts have variations that include layers or graduation around the back. The style is worn by men, children and women alike, and although the overall shape is always similar, each look is slightly different.

Modern Bowl for Women

The bowl haircut worn by women goes back to the sixties. As a statement hairstyle, a woman who wears her hair in a bowl style needs to have the confidence, bone structure and personality to pull it off. A modern bowl incorporates the overall bowl shape but uses layers to add interest, femininity and versatility. Although the bowl cut has a strong overall shape, moving the hair part and adding wax to the layers can give this look a whole new edge, making it a versatile cut.

Bowl for Young Boys

For younger boys that have thick hair and do not want it shaved, a bowl haircut is a good way to keep hair neat whatever the occasion, whether your little boy is playing sports or attending a formal party. As young boys generally do not care too much about the appearance of their hair, this style only requires washing to keep in shape. Adding light layers throughout will give the illusion of movement and stop hair from looking too rigid. Because of the slightly longer nature of this style, it requires less time for maintenance trims.

Bowl Hairstyles for Men

Many bowl hairstyles exist for men. The hairstyle incorporates short sides and back with hair left longer on top. The bowl look can be cut in various lengths to suit your face shape, ranging from above the ears to below the ear lobes. Many bowl styles on men consist of straight hair slightly styled using hair wax. If you decide to opt for a bowl cut, it is important you work with your hair type rather than against it. A male bowl cut will work better on men with thick, straight hair.