Mid-Length Textured Hairstyles

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Medium-length hair is generally categorised as hair that falls to the shoulders or collarbone. This length of hair can be texturised in several ways to add movement, roughness, or edginess to a variety of styles. To look your best, consult your stylist as to whether the style you're requesting will work with your natural hair texture.

Textured Layers

Adding layers into hair that falls to the shoulders or collarbone is a great way to texturise the hair and lend it movement and body. Very long layers should be used here, as the hair itself isn't long enough to accommodate short layers. The shortest layers should be cut no more than two inches from the length of the hair. After your stylist adds the layers, a razor or thinning shears can be used on the ends to texturise the cut. The combination of layers and razored ends will give hair movement, and create the illusion of depth.

Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob is longer on one side, angling hair downward as it approaches the opposite side. Usually this cut starts at or around the chin on one side, and is cut on a diagonal so that it falls to the mid-neck or lower on the opposite side (although length can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences). The asymmetry creates texture within the cut without adding layers or razoring the ends, lending a sleek look to hair. To create texture, your stylist can razor the ends and cut layers, which will give you an edgier style.

Choppy Bob

The choppy bob is an updated, modern twist on the classic sleek bob style. Bobs look best when they are at least chin-length, but since this style requires layers to be cut into the length, you may want to modify the style to fall at your shoulders or slightly below. Ask your stylist to cut long layers into the ends of your bob; haphazard layers look best in this approach, as they provide a roughed-up look. Layers can be finished off with a razor for even more texture. This is a hairstyle that is meant to look piecey and undone; sleek, smooth styles won't work with this cut because the ends are so choppy. Play up the texture of the cut by dabbing a bit of pomade or hair wax onto ends.

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