How to Make Your Eyebrows Even

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Avoid uneven, lopsided eyebrows by trimming and tweezing them the correct way. Eyebrows have a natural arch and typically sit evenly on your face; however, over plucking, waxing or shaving the brow line can create an uneven look.

Know how to find your brow line correctly and maintain the natural shape so your face is symmetrical. The process can be done by a professional at a salon, or you can save money and do the simple maintenance yourself.

Brush the brows upward with a brow brush. The fine bristle brush pulls all the brow hairs slightly above the brow line so you can trim long hairs. Use brow scissors to move along the line and snip the hairs. Repeat the steps by pulling the brow hair downward and snipping the bottom brow line the same way as the top. Trimming the brows reveals the true brow shape before tweezing.

Hold a pencil parallel to the side of the bridge of your nose. Follow the line of the pencil to the beginning of your brow line. This is where your brow line begins. Mark the area with a brow pencil to accurately shape the inner brow.

Move the pencil to the centre of your eye, directly over your iris. This is the where the arch is the highest. Your natural arch line is at the highest at this point, and cannot go any further up. Mark this point with a brow pencil.

Angle the pencil so one end of the pencil touches the edge of your nostril and the other end is at the outside edge of the brow line. This is where your brow ends. Mark the area with a brow pencil. Repeat with the other brow.

Tweeze or wax hairs below the natural brow line, not above. Tweezing above the natural brow line may disrupt your natural eyebrow line, resulting in uneven brows and a lopsided appearance on your face. To arch your brows more than their natural line, take one or two rows of hair off the bottom of the brow line on both eyebrows.

Ask a friend or take a picture of your face to judge if your eyebrows are even. You may not have an accurate angle to determine if the spacing and arches are even with each other; by asking a friend, she can tell you if you missed any areas. Fill in any sparse areas or correct any mistakes with a brow pencil in the same shade, or slightly lighter, than your natural hair colour.