How to lift your eyebrows on photoshop

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A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Pictures can also make you cringe and hit the ground running. Photoshop and other similar editing software have given many the wonderful ability to get rid of blemishes, under-eye-circles or give a needed eyebrow lift.

Get your image ready. Open Photoshop and click the "File" button on the top left of the screen. Click the "Open" button and select the image you wish to alter.

Size your image accordingly. Once you are finished resizing, close in on the picture using the "Navigator" box in the top right of the screen. Close in on the eyes, leaving enough room for you to manoeuvre the brows.

In the toolbar menu to the left, right-click the blur icon -- which looks like a raindrop -- and select the smudge tool -- which looks like a hand with a pointed index finger.

Choose an according smudge brush size based on the size of the image and space between the eye crease and brow.

Shape the eyebrow using the smudge tool. Using small strokes push the eyebrows upwards starting from the start of the brow nearest to the nose. Make sure that your brush grabs some of the skin colour as well to give the illusion that the brow is legitimately raising. Work your way with the smudge too along the brow. You can use this opportunity to reshape the brow's arch and shape.

Raise the rest of the brow. After you have raised the entire brow from the bottom, do the same to the entire top of the brow.

You may choose to lessen the strength of the smudge tool, or switch back to the blur tool and smooth over both top and bottom of the brow if smudge lines are very apparent.

Open photoshop. Click the "File" button open the photo of your choice. Next, Select the "Polygonal Lasso Tool" in the left toolbar and outline both eyebrows completely. Click "Ctrl+c" and deselect the brow outline.

In the bottom right layer menu, click the "New Layer" button. Click "Crtl+p" and paste the copied eyebrows onto the new layer. Deselect the eye from the check-box next to the new layer. Select the "Background" layer. Click the "Eyedropper Tool" and select the skin colour nearest to the brow without including the brown colour.

Select the "Brush" tool and adjust the size according to the size of the brow. Colour over both brows with the skin toned brush. Selecting either the "Smudge" or blur tool, blend out the skin colour over the brows until it looks like the rest of the face.

Replace your eyebrows. Reselect your new layer with your copied brows and move them to whatever position you would prefer. You may need additional blending and brushing to make them look more realistic.

Click "Ctrl+e," or click the layer button at the top of the screen and select merge layers. Save your photo.

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