How to Find a Real Voodoo Priestess Images

Commonly know as Voodoo, Vodun originated in West Africa perhaps as long as 6,000 years ago. According to the Religious Tolerance .ORG site (, it was brought by slaves to the West Indies during the 19th Century, with the largest concentration ending up in Haiti. Pockets of Voodoo practitioners can be found in the Southern United States, mainly concentrated around New Orleans, Louisiana and Miami, Florida. However, you are likely to find people who practice Voodoo anywhere Haitians have settled. Voodoo is not a violent or evil religion. In fact, according to Religious Tolerance .ORG, Voodoo shares many characteristics with Christianity. Another, highly sensationalised, form of Voodoo exists only on television and in the movies and is largely based on Sir Spencer St. John's highly inaccurate 1889 book, "Hayti or the Black Republic."

Log in to your favourite search engine, such as Yahoo or Google.

Type the name of the city that interests you and the words, "voodoo priestess." If the search fails to produce promising results, try searching in a different city. The larger the city's population the better your chances of finding a Voodoo priestess, particularly in large Southern cities.

Select a result that most interests you.

Decide if you prefer e-mail, in-person or telephone contact.

Make the call, send the e-mail, or drop in for a visit during normal business hours.

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