How to Cover Hair Weave Tracks

Hair extensions, or hair weaves, are generally used by women who have limp, short or fine hair. The extensions are long strands of hair glued to the scalp or sewn into tiny braids of the natural hair. The result is long, full, voluminous hair that lasts for months. However, with hair extensions, you must make sure that the hair tracks are not visible. Covering up the hair tracks is easy and requires only a few extra minutes in front of the mirror.

Separate the hair using a comb to gently pull up the natural hair.

Comb the hair through to remove any knots.

Pull the hair down directly on top of the track.

Push two to three hair clips into the natural hair and over the track to ensure the hair stays of the track.

Spray a the natural hair a few times with hairspray to make sure the hair doesn't move.

Repeat these steps as many times as necessary to make sure all tracks are covered.

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