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Sandpaper Hair Removal

Updated February 21, 2017

Hair removal can be painful and expensive. Waxing is not for the weak, electrolysis and laser treatments are expensive, shaving can cut sensitive skin, leave stubble and cause an irritating rash. There are alternatives to expensive painful hair removal. Sandpaper hair removal is inexpensive, easy to do and you can do it yourself. All you need is the right kind of sandpaper and you can remove unwanted hair at home.

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The best sandpaper for hair removal is wet/dry sandpaper 600 grit. This is very fine grit sandpaper that will not damage your skin. It will gently exfoliate while removing unwanted hair. You can find the wet/dry 600 grit sandpaper at your home repair or hardware store and auto supply stores.

How to Use Sandpaper for Hair Removal

Cut a 5 inch square of sandpaper. There are several ways to hold the sandpaper. If you are working on a larger area like your legs fold the sandpaper in half. Lay the sandpaper on a flat surface, place your hand over it, tuck one end of the sandpaper between you ring finger and pinky finger and the other end between your thumb and index finger. Essentially you are making a sanding block out of your hand.

To remove hair from smaller areas like your upper lip cut a 3 in square and fold it in half. Wrap the sandpaper around the tip of your index finger from back to front holding it in place with your other fingers. You are not wrapping the sandpaper around your finger like you would a bandage. You are laying the sandpaper over your finger tip.

Nail Buffers

An extra fine cushion board nail buffer that is a 320 or finer grit is very useful for hair removal on smaller areas. A cushion nail buffer can get closer in smaller area than sandpaper wrapped around your fingertip. Cushion nail buffers are washable and can be used with the wet or dry method of hair removal.

Wet Method

When using sandpaper for hair removal with the wet method, wash and rinse the area leaving it damp. Target a small area, cut the sandpaper to size, wet the sandpaper with water, wrap the sandpaper on your fingertip or hand, and make gentle circles with the sandpaper on the area. Check that the hair has been removed then rinse the sandpaper of all hair particles before moving to the next area.

Dry Method

Sandpaper can be used dry for hair removal. Wash and dry the area thoroughly. Cut, fold, and wrap the sandpaper on your fingertip or hand. Gently make small circles over the area. Stop and check if the hair has been removed. For stubborn hair reverse the direction of your circles after every three rotations. Make three circles clockwise, stop and check hair, make three circles counter clockwise. Use gentle pressure. Dust off the sandpaper before moving to a fresh area.

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