Types of barber fades

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The fade is worn by men of all races, though most commonly viewed as a popular African-American hairstyle. One of the most basic haircuts available in most barbershops, it is worn by men of all ages. It comes in a few different styles, but the general appearance of any fade is that the hair starts out longer near the top of the head and gradually fades in length down the sides.


Fades hairstyles come in different types. The regular fade can be short, medium or long. The short fade, commonly referred to as the bald fade, features really short hair that is low to the head. Another type is the tapered Caesar fade, a partial fade that works with medium to short hair. This is a variation because only key parts of the head of hair are faded. Fades come in many more kinds, all with minor changes to these basic types. Some men get intricate designs cut into their fades, and some fades taper differently.


The bald fade is achieved when the customer wants his hair very short. The hair on the top of the head is the longest and the bottom edges of the head are bald. The hair gradually blends from no hair at the bottom to the longest hair at the top all the way around the head. The medium and long fades are the same except that the hair on the top is 25 mm (1 inch) long for medium fades and longer than 25 mm (1 inch) for long fades. With the tapered Caesar, all hair on the head is cut to the same length, and then the back edges of the hair and the hairs directly above where the sideburns start are blended into the rest of the rest of the hair.


The fade haircut was made popular predominantly in the '90s, but it was gaining fans in the '80s as well. Many African-Americans were leaving the era of Jheri curls and Afros for a cleaner-cut look. The fade is noted for its simple style, which can go from the office to the streets. It is easy to modify to suit the shape and size of a person's head.


The fade and its variations are popular because of the versatility of the haircut. It is appropriate for business settings as well as for recreation. Good barbers have the ability to make the haircut last for two weeks, saving the customer money. The fade is also easy to line up, which is a term for when a customer wants the edges of his hairline straightened up around the head. This prolongs the haircut for another week.


The fade is one of the most common haircuts in the United States, and has become a staple in the African American community. You can see many Hip Hop stars sporting fade haircuts. The haircut is basic, and can be done in an hour or less, depending on the skill of the barber, making it a standard in barbershops around the country.


Some fade hairstyles are named based on their geographical popularity. The Brooklyn Fade, also known as the Brooklyn Blowout, is popular around the Jersey shore and other nearby places. The Brooklyn fade is a haircut that involves shaving the hair on the sides of the head short and tapered, while leaving the hair on the top longer. The hair on the top of the head is made to stand up and out with hair product. The Philly fade in the East is the same as the Temple fade in the Midwest--tapered at the temples. The tapering can carry to the sides of the head and to the neckline, depending on what the customer wants.

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