The best hair styles for women with thinning hair

Updated April 17, 2017

Thinning hair? You're not alone: 30 million women in America report thinning hair. Don't resign yourself to a life of scraggly strands and embarrassing bald patches. With the right haircut and a little sneaky styling, you can rock voluminous locks with the best of them.

Curls & Volume

Nothing looks worse on thin hair than straight, flat hairstyles that emphasise hair loss. To give your hair the illusion of thickness, wear it in curls or waves. Use a lightweight curling product, like a mousse, on damp hair. Blow-dry with a diffuser (or air-dry, scrunching with your fingers). Arrange curls to cover thinning patches. For easy waves, let your hair air-dry in braids, or spritz with a beach-inspired salt spray.

For instant volume, work mousse through damp hair and flip your head upside down. Blow-dry. Stand up and shake your hair out with your fingers; it'll be full of body. You can also blow-dry hair on the opposite side of your head from your normal part (so if your hair is typically parted on the right, flip hair over to the left and dry completely).This technique will give your hair ample volume on the top and sides.

Layers & Texture

The ends of your hair are big players in your hair's overall volume. At the salon, ask your hairstylist to give you wispy, close-cut layers to add fullness to your style. Avoid too many layers, however; the bottom layer will look straggly, and the cut won't hold its shape.

For hair that is full of life, ask your stylist to texture or razor your ends. This will make the ends look choppy and artistic and will draw attention away from thin areas while giving the overall haircut interest.

Short Cuts

Embrace the idea of short hair. You won't believe how much volume and life your hair will have once you cut it short. A chin-length bob with textured ends adds thickness to your hair, especially with a few fringe (wispy or thick--you decide).

Pixie cuts are adorable and draw attention to good skin or elegant bone structure. With hair this short, a little pomade is all you need to make it look messy and thick.

The cap haircut, or all-bangs haircut, doesn't work for all facial shapes, but it gives thinning hair abundant body and is easy to work with. The cap looks best on oval faces, or women with delicate features.

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