Video transcription

Hey, everybody. It's "Dynamic" John Mickel of Dynamic Carpet Care, and every day I'm asked, "How do I get out stains? How do I get out odors?" One that I'm asked quite a bit is, "How do I get a damp smell out of my carpet?" A lot of times in the southern area, when it gets damp you shut your air off, you'll get a real damp smell on your carpet. What you got to do is, if there's a problem, you think that your carpet's wet, you take your Shop-Va, go over that area, make sure that there's no moisture. Once you do that, you're going to take your trusty vinegar solution. That vinegar's going to neutralize that odor. So, you spray in that area that you think that there's a problem. Spray it on there, and take a box fan, and go over it, and let it circulate the air where you think that that smell is coming from. So, I hope this home remedy helped with that damp smell in your home. If it didn't, contact a local professional in your area, or feel free to contact me at And remember, keep it clean, my friends.