Hi, I'm here to show you how to properly clean and/or polish, your motorcycle tank. When cleaning your motorcycle tank, or any part of your bike, the first step you would want to make sure, is that there is no dirt or debris, or a lot of dust, on the tank, or body parts itself. If so, you would want to hose it off, use a real mild soap, and dry it before you do any polishing, or cleaning. If you're going to use any products on the tank, we would recommend a spray cleaner and polish, or a liquid paste wax. Be careful with some of the automotive style waxes, some might be too abrasive, for the paint on motorcycles. You want to avoid any compounds, and any of the waxes. A good microfiber towel, or an old t-shirt, always works best. I simply always just spray the rag itself, and use circular motion, just like you would polish a car, or anything else that you would wax. Cover the whole area, and until all the swirls are gone. A tip would be, never do this in direct sunlight, and if you do, do it outside, make sure you do not leave any wax or any polish on your bike. Remove it immediately, because the sun will bake it into your tank.