Hi I'm Dr. Greg McDonald. I'm a veterinarian in southern California and I'm with McDonald Animal Hospital in Santa Barbara. I want to talk a little bit about controlling fleas in pregnant dogs. This is a very, very important topic. Oftentimes people don't realize that if you have a heavy infestation in puppies or young dogs they can actually become anemic from the bites of the flea. Again, one or two fleas are not going to make your dog anemic but a whole infestation will. So several very important factors. One is you should go ahead and completely steam clean all of your carpets so that there are no flea eggs in any of the environment. Fleas are more of an environmental problem actually than they are a problem on the animal. And so if you're living in an area that has a lot of eggs you need to do something like steam clean the carpets to get rid of them. Once again we want to do everything possible to be sure that as the puppies are born there are no fleas present. So my suggestion is again, just before your dog gives birth I would go ahead and give a good shampoo, that has an insecticidal shampoo for you. This will get rid of any fleas that are on the animal and it's also very important to rinse it off real thoroughly before the puppies are born. Anytime you give shampoos it's important to lather them up real well, rinse them off real well and be sure there's no residual shampoo on the dog. To go ahead and get rid of all the adult fleas on the mother and then another really good product is called Comfortis. That's a pill that you could give your dog that will kill all the fleas for 30 days that jump on your dog. This is a brochure of Comfortis. It's a pill that you can give your dog that will take care of a any fleas for the next 30 days. And this is a great brochure that talks about the safety of this product in pregnant dogs. Once again the most important factor is to control fleas in the environment and also on the dog and be sure that none of the puppies have fleas when they're first born. They can become anemic if you have too many fleas on them so it's a very important problem.