How to Clean Car Floor Mats

Video transcription

Hello today we are going to talk about cleaning the floor mats in your vehicle and the first thing I am going to do is just give you a general outline of what the process entails. So you are going to have to have as always the right tools for the job. You are going to need a hard bristled brush. We're going to just use that to agitate the debris so that it will come up from the fabric inside of the floor mat. Then you're going to have a shampoo brush. This is a very stiff bristled brush that once you spray the shampoo on to the floor mat you use this to actually scrub and to remove any stains and debris that are trapped inside of the floor mat and of course I've been speaking about our shampoo. What I'm using today is a rinseless carpet shampoo. This dispenser allows us to spray it on to the floor mat and once we have sprayed it down brushed the detergent in we are going to use just a regular wet dry vac to pick up the debris. We are not going to use a extractor on this shampooing demonstration because since we are using a rinseless shampoo we don't need an extractor to remove any of the cleaning residue. The first thing you do when cleaning the floor mat it is always important just to beat it out, you see the dirt that is flying out and this allows all that trapped in dirt to come out. You want to make sure, you are not going to beat it to the point where no more dirt comes out. Once you finish or you get down to a reasonable amount or you don't see a lot of debris falling out of the mat from beating it you are going to set it on your stand and then vacuum up the rest of the debris that may be inside of the or on the floor mat so I'm going to do a light vacuuming, check again. You don't have really any debris falling now and then we are going to start our shampoo process and you prime the pump, place our shampoo on the floor mat. We want to make sure we put a nice amount of shampoo on the floor mat and make sure that every area of it is moist. We are going to take our regular bristle brush and just gently work that shampoo into the floor mat, then we are going to take our scrubbing brush and begin to scrub the floor mat. Then once you have scrubbed the entire floor mat you are going to take your wet/dry vac and after you have vacuumed up a lot of the moisture, you are going to follow up with a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels are really absorbent so this will help remove any additional moisture that was left behind by the vacuum and this will greatly reduce the drying time. Make sure we rub in every area of our floor mat and after we are finished what we have is a thoroughly cleaned and shampooed floor mat. If you can you can let this air dry outside for about an hour and then place inside of your vehicle after it is dry, but now it is all cleaned and free of stains and you are ready to place it inside of your vehicle after it is dry.

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