How to Clean Haze Off of Car Headlights

Video transcription

Hello, today we're going to talk about removing haze from your headlights on your automobile. It's generally a four step process. First process is cleaning the headlight from any bug splat or anything that may be on the headlight. The second process is that using your headlight; the second step in the process is using the headlight cleaning system of your choice to remove the haze and then to protect the, protect the lens so that the haze doesn't reoccur. So let me begin with the first process of cleaning the headlight. We're going to take here just a regular window cleaner and a micro fiber towel. And clean the headlight making sure you remove any kind of bug splatter. Anything that's built up on the headlight. Alright in using our headlight cleaning system to remove any haze, what you want to do is start with your 400 grit sandpaper. This is what the manufacturer of this system recommends. This will remove; will remove the haze. So you're going to take your sandpaper, going to take a lubricant. You're going to put that lubricant on the headlight and then rub your sandpaper back and forth removing the effected area where the haze is. And then you're going to go from a 400 grit sandpaper pad to a 3,000 grit to a; no to a 1,000 grit to a 2,000 grit and then down to a 3,000 grit sandpaper. Where you're just going to finely go back and forth, always go back and forth over the headlight removing the effected area. Then the second step you're going to do in our system or cleaning the haze off of a headlight is to use a cleaner and a paper towel. And you will apply the cleaner like this, just a dab. Wiping the area where the headlight is affected and where you've used your sandpaper. And that will have removed any of the haze and you'll see where you've removed it. And then if you need to reapply the sandpaper go back through the step one you can. But if you remove the haze then what you're going to do is after you've cleaned it, you're going to come back with a sealant and what you're going to do is take a sealant and a foam paint brush, apply your sealant, just a thin layer of sealant to your foam paint brush. And then you're going to go over the entire headlight, just from backwards to the front, all in the same motion. You're never going to go back and forward, you're only going to go in the same motion over the entire headlight and then you'll let the sealant dry. And then after it is dried what you'll have is a factory new headlight without any haze.

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