Hi my name is Diesel and I'm the owner and operator of 4u2cdetailing.com. Here I'm going to show you how to get mold out of upholstery. Now mold is a bacteria and it actually grows within the fibers of the upholstery so if you have it you really want to get it out of it because it's not even good for your health. What I would suggest is using vinegar and water. Now vinegar is a very good disinfectant. Now it does have a smell but between the mold smell and the vinegar, the vinegar will actually dissipate within a few days. What you do is you actually take a bucket of water and vinegar, I happen to have vinegar and water in a bottle. I actually shake it up. I spray it directly on to the seat, then I take a stiff bristle brush and I just vigorously brush it really hard. You keep doing that, you might have to do that two or three times to get all the mold out but once you do that after it dries, get like a Lysol or some type of spray disinfectant, spray it on the area to insure that it will kill any remaining bacteria that might allow the mold to come back.