Video transcription

Hi, I'm Nicole Aleskas, Licensed Massage Therapist, and today I'm going to be showing you massage tools for tight muscles. Generally my hands are my favorite tools as well as my elbows but if I need to give them a rest or I need extra support, I have a bag of tools waiting for me and I get them from my local massage supply store. I live in Florida and I have a great store in Tampa called Sunset Park Massage Supply and I have gotten a couple of things from there that I really love. These are tools for trigger point therapy or stripping and they're actually shaped like fingers. They have a little bit of a give to them, kind of rubbery, so it feels good on the skin and I can use them for cross fiber friction and I just hold it in my hand, in my palm, put some pressure on the fingernail with one or two fingers and I really don't have to put a lot of pressure. It does the work for me. I can do pressure points for bigger adhesions. I can use the thumb and again just placing the ball part in my palm, doing some frictioning, some trigger point, pressure points, really takes a lot of pressure and strain off of my wrists. Another pretty cool one is this and I just need to grasp. It has some grooves for my fingers and a place for my thumb to go and I can do stripping, have to be a little bit gentler with this because it is a hard surface but I can come into the muscle and apply pressure, stripping into the muscle with this part. I can also turn it around and do cross fiber friction or trigger point therapy. So it's a dual tool. It's got this part for my thumb and this part for localized specific areas, pretty good for those stubborn adhesions. This is one, it's called the Jabberwocky, pretty much everybody gets this when they become a massage therapist. I don't find a lot of help with it. It's kind of awkward but some people like it especially for getting both sides of the back or a larger part of an area. It's really good for stripping but that's about it. It's kind of relaxing. You can do this over clothes, but something I like better for over the shirt or over the clothes is this cool piece of cloth. It's two pieces of silk and I can just place it over the clothes and it glides as if I had lotion in my hands. It's really cool. So I can work on someone who is real tense. I carry this around everywhere. If someone's like oh I have a headache or a neck ache, I can just slap this on and work through their clothes really easily. So again, if you're looking for massage tools in your area, you can google massage supplies. You can order them on line. If you're in the Florida area, check out Sunset Park Massage. For more resources, you can go to my website, Thanks and be well.