Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we have some lawn edging tips. Now having that edge on your lawn is always beautiful. And whether it's up against a sidewalk or it's up to a flower bed there's some tips that I can give you to make it look even more beautiful. First off whenever you're planting a bed or you're planting a flower bed or a lawn it's easy to take a hose and to mark off where you want to put that bed and then that way you know exactly where to edge. And then once you have the line whether it's straight or kidney shaped is always more beautiful. Then you want to take a shovel and cut along the edge of the hose and then that way you know where your line is. And then you can turn around and you can use any type of rocks. You can use river rocks, they're very beautiful. You can use wood or you can use bricks to make a nice edge. And you can really enjoy your lawn and have a break between the flower bed and the lawn. And by using a weed-whacker or any type of... You can also trim back the corners of your edge by using a weed-whacker too that works really well. Or just by actually pulling up the weeds along the rocks and that way you can have a beautiful edge onto your lawn.