Hi my name is Lori with Figs Catering in Austin, Texas on behalf of Expert Village today we are going to show you how to make a entire Thanksgiving meal. Congratulations you have made your entire Thanksgiving meal in one day. Let's talk about what we have done today. We got our roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Keep in mind if you don't want the garlic in your potatoes, no problem at all. Just don't put them in there. Keep in mind there are other things you can add to them. You can add green onions. You can add chives. You can add Rosemary. All sorts of things so have fun with your mashed potatoes. Next we got our delicious whipped sweet potatoes. Inside we got the sweet potatoes that we mixed with the egg and the sugar. We've got that wonderful crust on top that is nice and hard so when you dig into it is going to be soft in the inside and a nice crust on the outside. They are so good. We also have our sausage sage apricot and mushroom stuffing. It is awesome. It's got a little bit of everything in there. It is just wonderful. Everyone is going to go crazy over this. It's got a nice crust on the outside. It is laced with different sausages and the apricots. It is going to be awesome and it is so much better then the package stuff. Next, we've got our green beans that we have blanched and shocked and we got our wonderful caramel onions that on top of it it makes such a great pair. The green beans are still a little bit crunchy while the caramelize onions are sweet and soft. Of course the star of the show is our beautiful turkey. Our beautiful turkey has been rubbed with sage butter, salt and pepper. It is just awesome. We have roasted it for about 3 hours. Again our turkey was about 10 pounds. Again keep in mind depending on the size of your turkey, it is going to determine how long you should roast it. For this meal we went ahead and made 2 desserts. We made our pecan pie tart which is different tradition on a pecan pie which is really nice and fancy. But it was really easy to make and it's got lots of wonderful pecans on it. Feel free to add whip cream or vanilla ice cream to this. And last we got our pumpkin pie which is a traditional Thanksgiving pie. This pie is going to be wonderful. It is going to be nice and creamy on the inside and with a nice crust on the outside.