Flabby skin in the neck

shoulder and neck masage image by Sean Wallace-Jones from Fotolia.com

The skin in the front of the neck is an area where it is difficult to prevent or remedy the signs of ageing. Neck skin is very delicate and sensitive to ageing factors such as sun exposure. As skin loses elasticity and fat deposits develop with age, the flesh becomes flabby.

In addition, softening of the muscles of the neck that occurs with ageing causes skin and excess fat to sag even more.

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic or plastic surgery is one of the most effective ways to get rid of flabby skin in the neck area; the surgeon removes the excess skin and fat deposits. However, this treatment is very expensive, and the results can be less than satisfactory depending on the skill of the surgeon. In addition, because it is major surgery, it's a trauma for the body.

Microcurrent machines

Microcurrent machines, sometimes called microcurrent facelift machines, use electric current to stimulate the skin. They are the same as TENS unit pain relief machines prescribed by doctors. Spas and salons have them and people can buy home models. Some claim microcurrent machines can firm up flabby neck skin, but the effect is usually similar to that of a facial skin treatment. It does nothing to tighten muscles or rid the neck of excess fat, and the Food and Drug Administration has granted a certificate for microcurrent units to be sold and used only for pain relief.

Firming creams

Manufacturers of many firming creams and chemical treatments claim their products firm flabby neck skin and make people look younger. But if they happen to work at all, the effect is minimal and definitely temporary. The creams may contain ingredients that help the skin look healthier, but the flabby skin generally does not go away permanently.

Herbal remedies

Just like firming creams, there are herbal remedies whose proponents claim they eliminate flabby skin in the neck. Treatments containing such ingredients as crushed pineapple, olive oil, honey, egg whites, bananas or clay supposedly have an astringent, tightening effect. However, these remedies do not remove any excess fat or tone muscles. In any case, you should not try any herbal treatments without consulting your doctor.

Neck exercises

Regular exercise of the neck muscles is more effective than any topical remedy for flabby neck skin and is the most effective non-surgical remedy. It is especially effective if the exercises are done regularly over a long period of time. If begun when a person is relatively young, they can help prevent the flabby neck skin before it starts. The exercises usually involve tilting the head back to tone the long muscles in the front of the neck. Moving the mouth or tongue to further tone the muscles can also be involved.