Hi, I'm Billy Beck III from Billy Beck Training Center, and today we're going to go through Pilates and ab exercises for men, and with me is super trainer, Bryan Frances. Now, when we do Pilates and ab exercises for men, we want to make sure we take the girliness out of it, so we're going to make these pretty tough-looking. The first thing we're going to do is an abdominal bridge, sometimes called a plank so Bryan is going to go into position. He's going to be resting on his forearms. Now, I have a stick here, not to beat him but to help him. The key here is spinal alignment. A common mistake people make is they don't keep their backs straight and they feel it in their lower back so to feel this in the right place you're going to draw your belly in. You're going to keep it tight and the head, the upper back and the hips will all make contact with the wooden rod here. Now we're going to hold this position for 60 seconds, that's going to be the goal. The next position is what we call a side bridge. We're going to stay in that same forearm, lift the body up in a straight line. The head will be aligned with the spine. His head is not going to sag down which will often cause pain in people and the hips aren't going to sag down either. Again, it's going to be that straight line. Goal here, 30 seconds. We're going to go to the other side and repeat. Once we do 30 seconds on this side, same movement, you want to make sure while you do this movement is that the feet are stacked on top of one another, they're not off center, 30 seconds here and then we're going to go to the crazy horse, hands down, push up position, one arm up, one leg up. This is an advanced movement that strengthens not just the core but, in the obliques but the lower back, the upper body and a lot of smaller muscles that you won't even know the names of if I mention them. Again this, if you can do that for ten seconds each side, that's phenomenal. So, that is a core exercise. This is Billy Beck, and you've been watching abs and Pilates exercises for men.