Hi, I'm Eve White with Pilates Studio City. I'm going to be talking to you today about knee strength exercises that can be done in a chair. We are going to start with the first one, which is a static hamstring contraction. It's important to strengthen the back of the leg. And if you have a hard time standing up and sitting down, or doing a lot of exercises on the floor, this is a very simple and easy way to strengthen the back of the leg. It's also a nice one that you can do while you are on an airplane to keep the blood flow in your legs working. It helps circulation. So, we'll start by extending the leg one leg at a time out to a slight angle. You don't want it directly underneath you. You don't want it fully straight locking the knee. You are going to have a slight bend. You are going to reach both hands underneath that thigh and activate the leg, pushing the leg into the hands. You are going to hold that for about a 10 to 20 count. I'm not going to hold it that long for brevity sake, but this is how you would do it, pressing the leg down into the hands. And then you can release. You are going to do that on both legs again extending. It's also important to push down into the heel; that helps to activate the back of the leg. Grab the hands behind the leg and push the leg into the hands, offering a little support for the leg. And release. That will help you activate the hamstrings and strengthen the muscles that help support the knee. The other move we are going to do is to scoot back in our chair a little bit and extend one leg straight. And release it down. That will help build quad muscles. It's important while you are doing this exercise, while you are extending the leg to keep the back and the abs connected. So, you are not rounding the spine, but you are lifting vertically off your sits bones. So, as the leg lifts, think of pulling your belly button and your spine towards one another. Now, this is simple and easy. And if this is too easy for you, you could add weights at the ankle. And lift and lower. You could do different varied weights. You could do one or two pounds and work up from there. And extend and bend the leg. That will help your knees by strengthening the quads. It's also going to help by extending the leg fully and working the leg in it's full extension. I'm Eve White, and those are knee exercises to strengthen, done in a chair.