Hi I'm Brandi Mackenzie and today I'm going to show you a couple of different techniques of embossing. And the first technique I am going to use a Stampin' Up stamp set called Party Hearty. And out of this stamp set today I'm going to use the cupcake because I'm going to show you how to do a scratch n' sniff. Which is really fun. And how you do that is basically you just take, I've already mixed it up but you take anything that has a smell to it and is sugar free. You need sugar free because when you heat it you don't want that sugar melting and you get that burnt sugar smell. Anyways you mix your clear embossing powder. It's one part sugar free flavor to one and a half parts clear embossing powder. So if you had a teaspoon of kool-aid lets say. I used kool-aid for this. Sugar free kool-aid. You then add one and a half teaspoons of your clear embossing powder. But to do this let me grab my versa mark. And then I take my mixture here. And when you mix it up you want to make sure you mix it pretty good. And tap that off. And then you take your heat gun. And then you just sit and watch it. The embossing powder starts to melt. There you go and see that is. And what I would do with this if I was to make a card with this I would stamp the bottom half. I would stamp it in brown on a white little piece of paper and then what I would do is after I embossed this I would cut out this top and put it over the top of the cupcake. But now. That's cool enough. And now it smells like strawberry. And it's really cool. It's kind of fun. It's really simple. Really easy. Doesn't take a lot of time.