Hi my name is Annaise Chaul. I own Brazilian Beauty Lounge. Now I'm going to talk about how to get rid of hair. I use, I'm a waxing specialist so I use hard wax and it's cheap wax. Hard wax is only touch your hair so we are going to apply a little bit here. This is the hard wax. I don't recommend doing this in your house because this should be done for a professional and this is a strip wax. The hard wax you just peel off and the strip wax you just place a strip and this is a very good way to exfoliate your skin too in the strip wax. This is both ways, the best ways to remove hair from your body. You should not shave because the wax is the best way to get rid of your hair. Shaves causes you ingrown hair and it is very trouble to shave every day your body.