How to Design a Mad Hatter Costume

Claire R Greenway/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Mad Hatter costume stems from author Lewis Carroll's character, the Mad Hatter, in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." The crazed man with a knack for hats is a distinguishable character.

Use a few key costume pieces, including a black top hat with a 10/6 tag, frazzled coloured hair and Victorian-style clothing, to transform yourself into the mad hatter. Wear your costume for Halloween or going out for a day of tea parties.

Tie a salmon or pink silk scarf around an oversized black top hat, with a knot at the back, the ends of the scarf make a long tail in the back of the hat.

Write the words "In this style 10/6" in a black permanent marker on a blank 3-by-5-inch index card. Tuck the card in the band on the side of the hat, leaving the writing visible.

Wear a curly, medium length, red or orange wig. Place the black hat on top of the wig and tease the wig hair so it frizzes out beneath the hat and around your head.

Dress yourself in a white long-sleeve blouse with a ruffled collar. Wear a long-tail plaid dress coat over the blouse, and pull the collar of the blouse out over the collar of the coat. Slide a pair of knee-length form-fitting black trousers on your legs.

Cut a 48-inch piece of yarn. Thread 30 spools of thread in assorted colours lengthwise through the hole in each spool's core with the yarn. Knot the end of the yarn and place the sling of yarn over one shoulder so the spools lay across your chest.

Tie a silk scarf featuring a bold pattern, such as in neon colours or geometric shapes, around your neck in a large bow. Position the bow so it is in the front and centre of your blouse.

Slide a red knee-high stocking on one foot and a blue one on the other foot. Wear a pair of black pointed-toe dress shoes.