Hi, I'm Amelia Smith, and I'm here to talk to you about how to get soft curls in your hair. There's a couple different things you can do. You can use a curling iron, a flatiron, you can even use rollers. For this clip, you'll need foam rollers, your flatiron, your curling iron, thermal protectant, and a styling comb. Make sure that you use a styling product. If you're going to be doing a flatiron or curling iron, I really recommend some sort of thermal protection. And what you're going to do, is you're going to spray this on, all over, liberally, and just use your fingers and work it through the hair. Some hair sprays even have some thermal protection and hold, so that works just as well. First, we'll start out with a flatiron. You're going to want to comb out that section, make sure there's no knots. Put the flatiron in the hair and twist it, and there's your curl. So, we'll go over that again. Always comb your section, put the flatiron in the hair, twist it immediately and then pull it through the section. And, if those are too tight for you, you can use your fingers and kind of pull them out, and that'll relax them a little bit. Second, you can use a curling iron. Again, grab your section of hair, comb it, and you don't want to ever curl over a knot, a mess. Roll it down, wait until it gets hot, and then release it. Now, if you let it cool like this, it's going to be a little bit more of a stiff curl. If you run your fingers through it and then let it cool, like that, it's going to be a little bit more relaxed. So, depending on the look you're going for, again, comb your section, put your curling iron on the hair, curl it down. Once that hair gets hot to the touch, pull it out, relax and pull it through, and let it relax out, and that's how you get soft curls with a curling iron and flatiron. There's also a roller. And we're going to do a little bit different. We're actually going to use a square roller, which is going to give a completely different effect. You're going to want to make sure that the hair is damp when you use rollers. So, I'm just going to use this as an example. You apply the roller just like your would, just going to roll it down. This particular roller type comes with clips or pins rather. Put that in. Now, if your hair's on the damp side, you can use a little hair spray, then hit it with a blow dryer all over, pull it out and you'll get soft curls that way as well. So, those are three ways for you to get soft curls in your hair.