Cleaning Tips for Linoleum Floors

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to show you some cleaning tips, for your linoleum floors. Linoleum is a really durable material to have for your flooring, especially in wet areas, like your kitchen, and maybe a mud room. You always want to sweep or vacuum the floors first, to remove any dust, and prevent scratching when you do mop. The best thing to clean linoleum floors with, in my opinion, is vinegar and water. If you get a bucket like this, and just add two gallons of water, the hotter the water is, the faster your floors will dry, then add just a splash of vinegar to that. It's the best thing that you can mop with. If you have scuff marks on your floor, the black scuff marks from shoes, or if that's a common occurrence, keep a tennis ball handy, and that will rub any scuff marks right off the floor. If you have stains on linoleum, try making a mixture of a third bleach, and two thirds water. You don't need much, because you just want to tackle the small stained areas, and let it sit for maybe fifteen, twenty minutes, and scrub it really well, so a little bit of bleach and water, will go a long way with linoleum floors. A lot of the times they'll get yellow, and the reason is, linoleum is made from linseed oil, and if it doesn't get sunlight every now and again, it will start to discolor. If you let the sun shine in, through your linoleum floors, it will keep them from yellowing, because it brings out the natural beauty, and it really helps them out, and helps keep them a nice, fresh color. You just want to take your vinegar and water solution in the bucket. Like I said, use warm water, so it will dry quickly. Dip your mop in there, and wring it out really well, and just mop. The good thing about vinegar and water is, you don't have to worry about wiping it up, it will dry by itself, and it will dry clear, it won't leave any marks. It's a great thing to use for any floor surface. I am Rachel Yatuzis, and those are cleaning tips for linoleum floors.

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