Video transcription

My name is Adina Doss. I'm here at Salon Republic in Studio 16, and today we are learning all about how to do an inside-out braid. You figure out your point of entrance where you want to start the braid, the inside-out braid and you move in the direction in which you want to go. What you do is you take the, a decent size subsection from where ever. You take your two fingers, you place them in and you give yourself equal amount of hair per each three sections. What's going to happen with the inside-out braid is you are going to instead of going over the top of the middle section, you'll be going over underneath the middle section. So, what that looks like. What I find to be different is that my positioning of my hand instead of being underneath, the positioning of my hand is on top. So going, taking the right going underneath the middle section. Taking the left going underneath the middle section and continuing that motion. So you are going to want to pull the new sections of hair from the bottom with your hands. Letting, and remember you are just taking the right section and going underneath the middle. The left section pulling some more new hair going underneath the middle. You are still gathering pieces from the hair as you move down and around. Now once I come up onto this other side I'm grabbing hair just on the one side. I'm grabbing hair just on the left side cause that's all the hair that I need to feed through. Grabbing hair from the left side, as you can see my pinkie goes up underneath and grabs that section. My index, my pointer finger goes and grabs the other section. My pinkie will go up and grab that final section. Pointer finger goes and grabs that right section and now I'm complete, I'm going into completion of this braid. I have no more hair grabbed but I am going to continue the motions of going underneath that middle section. Right goes underneath, left goes underneath, right goes underneath, left goes underneath. When I first started doing this it was hard the first time. Literally the first time it was hard to realize what I was doing, then you immediately get the hang of it. It's almost like a cornrow braid. Opposite of a regular braid. Everything just goes underneath. Your hands just gets used to the motion. Now I'm going to take a small elastic; I'm using clear today. Wrap it around once or twice. Then at this point you are going to determine what you want to do with this left over piece. Tuck it, pin it, take a large Bobby pin, grab a piece of your braid and push. Take a little product, give it that point of interest. Take it to non conventional and what I mean by that is just going in and giving it something interesting and playing off of what already exists in the hair and what's going on. And if you'll look you just kind of pull and tug on it, spray pull and tug. This is an actual spray in wax. Wax Blast number 10, Redken makes it. Okay and going in what that's doing is creating a point of interest. It's creating a great texture and now you have your end result. So my name is Adina Doss I'm here at Salon Republic in Studio 16, and this is how you do an inside-out braid.