So what do journalists earn? Well journalists earn a range of salaries depending on what organization they work for and what position they hold within that organization. For sort of the lowest level in any journalistic organization reporter the pay is not all that great. Starting salaries are about $30,000 a year a little less perhaps and even there there is kind of a gradation. Newspaper reporters tend to earn a little bit more than television reporters and televisions reporters tend to earn a little bit more than reporters so keep in mind that gradation there. However, as you move up the ladder in a media organization salaries do improve. Senior editors and journalists in general who work for more lead media organizations they do earn substantially more than that, all the way up to media superstars for example Katie Couric now earns about 15 million dollars chairing the CBS evening news. So it's, there's quite a range depending on what you do. Now that is the range with a conventional journalism. Again if you are willing to go on the internet, take a chance and do something that is going to attract an audience, the sky is the limit. There are surprises practically every month on the internet. Someone has come up with a really good idea, managed to attract an audience and generate some web traffic and advertisers will flock to that and begin to pay top dollar for the attention of the audience you are attracting to your website.