Hi, I'm Nancy Frensley, I'm the training manager at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society in Berkeley California. We're going to talk today about the Bichon Frise as a pet and how to take care of your Bichon. First thing to remember, is the Bichon has a coat, I mean, like a cotton ball, like a powderpuff. And this coat will need almost constant care. You can trim them down until they don't have much fluff in their coat and most people find that that's the most convenient way to keep them. But you will have to be taking them to a professional groomer, and you can make them look quite gorgeous with the, with the coat all puffed out the way it's really supposed to be when they're shown. The Bichon is a small dog, and because of that, it can be delicate. Sometimes, dogs that size, even though they're cuddly, great pets, aren't real great with children who tend to mishandle them. They don't want to be mishandled and they don't want to be handled roughly when they're groomed. But in general, your Bichon is a very happy, cuddly and very attractive pet, it can, it can make you look like a sophisticated city model, or just somebody who has a really, really cute dog.