as the saying goes, to err is human, so what would happen if we were creating a whole spreadsheet and we realize that we forgot to add in a column or some type of data entry and we need to increase our spreadsheet to add in a row or a column? So what would we do? Well it’s very easy, all we would have to do is select the row that we want to add in, here let’s say that we click the first row of semester one, and we wanted to add in another row, let’s say that there was a semester before semester one, let’s say the summer school that we wanted to add in also, the data there so click, we would click on that row and go ahead and click on insert and then click on row and we see that a new row is added above where we made our selection so now semester one is on the bottom. Semester two and semester three, so now we can add in a summer school semester, we will just call it summer and here we can start adding in the data and now harm done, we don’t have to erase all the information on our spread sheet, we can just add in the row. The same thing is true for a column, let’s say that we have over here and we wanted to put in a uh, a uh, whatever a division between 2005 and 2006, we would go ahead and click on 2005, uh that row and we again hit insert and this time select columns, and we see that a new column is opened up before the preceding one and everything moves, shifts over to the right and here we have a new column, we can call it 2004 and we can call it second half and therefore we have the ability to go ahead and make changes to our spreadsheet without having to edit all, to make all different types of corrections we can just add in rows or columns.