How to Restore an HP Computer to Factory Settings

Video transcription

Hi my name is Dave Andrews and today I'm going to show you how to restore an HP computer to factory settings. I have here an HP laptop and I'm going to boot it up and while it is booting I am going to press the F 11 key which will launch the system restore that is built into the laptop. It gives you instructions at the bottom of the laptop while it is booting so once I see a screen I am going to press F11 and that is going to take me to the system recovery that is built into the laptop. It looks like it is loading Windows but it is actually loading sort of a subset of Windows that is the system restore capabilities. So here we have the HP Recovery manager that is built into my laptop. Basically it is going to tell me that I can use this program to recovery my laptop to its original factory condition and what you need to keep in mind is that this is going to completely erase your hard drive so if you have any files or important information, pictures or whatever this will actually delete all of that and you are going to get your laptop just as it was when you opened the box so let's click next and it is going to ask you would you like to launch system restore. If you say yes here and you click next it is going to begin the HP system of restoring your desktop. There is no other Windows that you are going to get or anything like that. It is going to begin wiping away your computer and you are basically going to get a new factory image once it is done. It might take between 45 minutes to an hour to complete. My name is Dave Andrews and I have just showed you how to restore an HP Computer to the factory setting.

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