Okay, here we are at the bunker. I know most of you hit the ball so good that you don't need the bunker shot, but just in case here we go. We're going to setup with your sand wedge or lob wedge depending on how long your bunker shot is. We're going to open up the club face a little bit and then grip the golf club, we're going to have the ball position kind of forward in our stance close to the left field but not all the way. Our feet and body are going to be aimed left of the flag and we're going to try to hit the sand a couple of inches behind the golf ball. So here we go, we're going to setup, it's going to be an early wrist hinge and we're hitting behind. So, we're hitting two inches behind it, ball position goes left, club face a little bit open, your body again is aimed left at the target and you're actually swinging left of the target. So don't think to aim at the flag, swing left at the flag and that's going to give you a good bunker shot.