Hello my name is Crystal Nassar with Tuscany Florist in Rancho Mirage, California and I am going to show you how to make a bridal bouquet using silk flowers. I have my bucket here of beautiful, these are more like the English rose, they are very open. So I am going to start picking my flowers and it's just like making a fresh bouquet. I am just going to start by putting them, bunching them together and angling the stems. So you're going to make it whatever style you want. I'm going to do a round bouquet, just adding as I go. Another type of flower just to give a little bit of contrast, I am adding these baby roses so you can really just use anything you want and it's just coming out so pretty and I'm going to do some deep reds and some deep pinks, hot pinks, just keep moving it around so it's nice, they're nice and level and nothing is sticking out too much, put some more pinks in there. See how pretty that is. It is coming out so pretty. Add a little bit more of the baby roses. It just depends on how big you want it. I think that's a perfect size for a bride and one thing that I would like to add is there is a misconcept that using silk flowers is going to be less than using real flowers. That is definitely not the case. Silk flowers can cost as much as five times than that of a real flower so keep that in mind when you're using silk flowers. One good thing about using a silk bridal bouquet is it is going to look just fresh and beautiful the entire day and you'll be able to keep it as a memory of your wedding so it's just perfect always and that's how you make a bridal bouquet using silk flowers.