Hi! My name is Elizabeth and we’re continuing in our series of using embossing in your hand made greeting cards. In this segment, we’re going to talk about using an embossing pen. This one is a Zig Emboss Writer. There are many embossing pens available on the market. This one has a thick end for coloring in and providing thicker lines, and a finer tip for handwriting and for creating those thin lines that you want. In this segment we’re going to do a little of embossing on this card. This is a premade card that I’ve already stamped and put together. I just want to emboss this ‘congratulations.’ I’m going to take my pen. I’m going use the fine tip, and I’m just going to outline tracing the word congratulations with the fine tip of this embossing pen. We’re going to close it, and then I’m going to take a pink embossing powder and just sprinkle that on the image. Just tap it off here. You can see that that will be ready for embossing. Next thing we’ll do is just add a little bit of touch to this card. We will take again the embossing writer, and I’m going to use the thicker tip this time. I’m going to trace just the curve of this leaf. Just a little bit. I didn’t want to emboss the whole leaf. I just wanted to add a little detail here to the curving, and then I can use it to just freehand a little design down here. I’ll then cover that with my gold embossing powder. Shake this off. Now both cards are ready for the heat embossing.