What we want to talk about now is that one of the most important parts about being a defensive lineman is having the proper stance. If you have the proper stance you'll be able to explode up quickly and disrupt the backfield of the opposing team. We want to talk about the importance of the three point stance. We're going to show you a couple of different three point stances (video demo). You notice this player is on the right side of the field. He wants to get himself in a right handed stance. That means he is going to go down with his right hand. He wants his right hand to be to the outside of the play so he can rip through the play and he can come around to the outside. You notice that his right foot is back just a little. You don't want it way back but you want it offset just a little so when he fires off he can come through and explode off the back foot and come ripping through with his front foot and his front arm. That's the proper three point stance on the right side. Now, on the left side, it's basically the same thing. He wants to go down with his left hand and have his left foot back just slightly so he can explode through the play. Remember, the main thing about the stance is balance. You don't want to be too far forward where that offensive guy can pull you down and you don't want to be too far back where he can bull rush you or throw you backward. So, the defensive lineman has to have a good stance so he can explode up.