Hi this Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to repel pigeons. Now pigeons are a beautiful bird but when you have many of them in your yard, they can become quite a problem. Especially if they start nesting in your attic or your trees or under the eaves of your house. So the easy way to repel them is to just chase them off with a hose. That's probably the easiest way but that's not a permanent solution. If you need to find out where they are nesting. If they are nesting under the eaves or in a carport you've got to make sure and use any type of hot spice like cayenne pepper or red hot chili pepper and put it on the eaves or anywhere where they are hanging out or even by just nailing a wire all the way around where ever they are sitting, they can't sit there any more and they will find somewhere else. And you can always use different types of owl decoys or there's buzzers or noises or sprinklers to try to scare them away or even to get a dog around. That will scare them away. But to repel pigeons is a challenge and the trick is to make sure that they don't have anywhere to sit. And if they have nowhere to sit they won't hang out in your yard anymore.