Video transcription

Hi, I'm Johnny Miles, head golf professional at the Lake Powell National Golf Course in Page, Arizona, and we're going to talk about backswing. Let's keep it simple, though. How tough is a backswing? You setup, your hands and the club start to backswing, you swing it behind your shoulders, boom. You've just completed half the swing. But I'm going to throw in a couple hot tips. The first one is, how far do you swing the club back? Well, you're going to hate to hear this, but everybody swings it to the same point, if they're smart. You see, when you grip the club for a right-handed player. These last three fingers right there, they're really important. You start out with a light firmness and you only swing it back as far as you can control it, with these three fingers. If you swing it back so far that you lose control. Now you've gone too far, you're going to re-grip, you're not going to play very well. And if you're wearing your glove out, right here, guess what? You're letting go. So, you only want to swing a club back, as far as you can control it with the last three fingers of your left hand. Second tip is this, be your captain, don't try to emulate John Daly. Very flexible, John Daly can swing it all the way back to there, Tiger woods gets it back to here. If you look at all the players on the tour, when they're playing well, okay. All their back swing lance are different but they're the same, because they're in control with their hands. So, keep it simple, hey, and let's have fun. You set up, you're swinging the club back. You swing the club towards your target and hopefully, you knock it in the hole. Have fun playing golf, I'm Johnny Miles.